2020 Website Annual Report

Story telling is the most human interaction and one of the most powerful ways to build a relationship. Story telling goes back to Biblical times. Though the Gospels do not use these words, the parables are “once upon a time” stories.

We’re in the 21st Century and still tell stories. The tool we use and everyone uses it, almost daily, is searching the Internet for Stories, Answers, Solutions, Places to go, 

et. al. We search and search for the website that’s the best fit.

Does our website,, tell a story? I’d like to think it does!

What do you think? Have you looked at it? Have you used it in conjunction with our Facebook Sunday Worship Services? Don’t have Facebook? Access our Facebook through our website.

The biggest improvement to our site is the ability to make donations to us. Have you made on-line Donations through it? You can!

We use as our Service Provider and Manager of our Domain name. It makes it easier to manage both since they are now housed together.

We have been searching for a webmaster for well over a year. I am pleased to inform you that Anneke Mikulski is the webmaster. Thank you Anneke for taking on this challenge.

Neither Anneke nor I can do it all. To continue to tell our Story, we need your help.

Any and all feedback would be very much appreciated. Let us know what might be wrong. Better yet – What would you like to add?

Contact me (Bob Gilmer) at:
Or Anneke Mikulski at:

Luke 14:23 “Then the master said to the people (slave), ‘Go out into the roads and lanes, and compel people to come in, so that my house may be filled.’” Our Website does this.

Thank you and God Bless
Robert J. Gilmer, Chairperson