Clerk of Session


2020 Clerk of Session Annual Report

What can I say about 2020, except WOW! What a year.

2020 started out like any other year, installing and ordaining new Elders and Deacons and then the pandemic hit. Most things in the church building stopped mid-March. All of a sudden, we were learning how to go to church virtually, via Facebook and how to have Zoom meetings and even fellowship hour.

A huge thank you to Rev. Susan Faye Wonderland for her technical skills that kept us on Facebook each Sunday and for special services throughout the year.

Rev. Ken, Rev. Sue, Dimitri and Lenore Kauriga were (and still are) the driving forces that keep us together. Another huge thank you.

We did try to re-open for a couple of months but as the pandemic got worse the Session made the decision to go all virtual again. This was not an easy decision and we had a lot of debate on it, but to keep us all safe the decision was made.

We have missed the fellowship we all enjoy and seeing each other every week, which is a big part of our church, but we hope and pray we can all be together soon.

With the church building being closed the functions of the church must go on. We had 2 baptisms, very exciting to see children in church. There have been some serious illnesses with our congregants, and I know Rev. Ken gets upset that he cannot personally visit with them, but he keeps in touch and knows what is happening in the life of our church families. One member went to be with the Lord, not due to COVID-19.

I think we all have realized how much the Deacons and Elders do in the church and did everything possible to keep the church running as smoothly as possible. Not forgetting their ordination vows. Everyone has gone above and beyond what we thought we were capable of doing. Pray that the future holds better things for all of us.

May God bless each and everyone.
Diane Lange,
Clerk of Session